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Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Online marketing is completely different to normal marketing, so choosing the right keywords is by far one of the most important steps to make sure you get the most from your search engine optimisation campaign and each dollar spent.
The very first search engine optimisation practise is to establish and review what keywords you are going to use. Keywords need to be properly analysed to determine the competition for each keyword and measure the potential traffic you will receive and the effectiveness of converting that traffic into customers.
By teaming up with Optimise Online, with your business knowledge and our expertise on keyword research and the online marketing process, we will ensure your campaign will get the best possible results.

Determining the value of the keyword

Search engines record and store every phrase that is typed in and searched. With our help we will find which keywords or phrases relate to your niche and which of them get the most searches, once finished we review and choose which are most related to your site and which keywords are relevant to specific parts or pages of your website. Then through proper measurement and analysis Optimise Online can review the amount of traffic to your website is receiving and determine which keyword phrases are bringing you that traffic.

Long tail versions of competitive keywords

Some keywords can be highly competitive and as a result listing for that keyword or phrase can be very difficult and expensive. Long tail derivatives, are longer phrases which include your desired keywords and can offer less competition but still offer high levels of traffic volume.
Through keyword research we can determine which of these are best suited to your site and pages and work towards first page listings on search engines in a much quicker time frame with a more cost effective campaign.

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Keyword Research


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