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Content Writer Bernadette Strahan

For the Love of Content

About Bernie

As the Content Specialist at Optimise Online, I take great pride in demonstrating to every customer my ability to make their products and services shine through written content, and in getting all of the small details right.

Throughout my life, I’ve always had a tendency to pay attention to the little things. I remember people’s birthdays. I hear the lyrics in a song. And I follow baking recipes to the letter! It’s not all a happy accident, however, and there are ways that I consciously try to get to the important details right, particularly when it comes to content writing.

The first step to great content writing is strong communication and active listening. When discussing content with clients, I usually listen more than I talk. Asking the right questions is important, but the answers are what help me to understand the needs of your business and produce quality work the first time around.

Secondly, writing great content is about research. The more information I have about a client’s brand, the better. For this reason, discussions focus not just on specific content, but one the wider picture. I need to understand your business as a whole to truly reflect your products and services to your target audience.

Last, but not least, being organised helps me to write the best content that I can. My strong systems of work mean that I can spend less time worrying about the administration of your job, and more time getting quality words on paper.

A former boss of mine used to say, “It’s the ‘one-percenters’ that make the difference”, and this sums up my philosophy perfectly. It’s the little things that you pay attention to above everyone else that sets you apart.

If your business brand needs an edge, get in touch with the team at Optimise Online today to see how we can make your online presence stand out above the crowd.