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Australian Business Directories

Free Australian Business Directory Listings

List your business on these Australian Directories

Being found on the first page of Google isn’t just the only way to increase your online profile and get those desired customers coming your way. In fact listing on a lot of the below directories may just put your business on the first page of Google within their directory as many of the high profile directory listing sites generally get a lot of exposure on the first and second page of Google.

Looking to increase your online profile, here are some free business listing directories that will help you get those much needed links back to your site.

Stay tuned for a more comprehensive write up on each of the directories, including a review of their product and services.

improve your website page load speed

Improve your Page Speed

Why improving your websites load time is a must.

Studies show that users leave a site if it hasn’t loaded in 4 seconds; this is why it is so important that your website loads quickly, performs well and delivers the content in a way that connects with the user. Google has placed high importance on this and as such have developed tools to help webmasters improve their sites to meet Google’s standards. One of these tools is Google’s Page Speed Service a new CDN (content delivery network).

Introducing PageSpeed Service from Google a new CDN

Improve your page speed

As a small to medium business there are two services that offer a no cost solution, one being Google PageSpeed Services and the other being Cloudflare. Being a customer myself of Cloudflare’s CDN, I have had little issue with the load times of my site and appreciate the value of a fast loading website, having seen the results first hand in my Analytics and reduced bounce rate of visits (people leaving my site).

It will be certainly interesting to see just how Google’s PageSpeed Service compares to Cloudflare, having just submitted the signup application for the service, I will be providing an in depth report and comparison of the two services.

Here is an overview of the PageSpeed service by Google

PageSpeed overview

If you have any questions about anything mentioned above or would like to improve your websites load times, be sure to contact us or leave a message below and I will be sure to answer.