How to build that Email List and Social Network Following

Calum Maxwell

Starting out your Email and Social Networking List

So you are starting out your email list and social network following, set on building a list of contacts and followers that you can present what you have to offer in a hope that they in turn will engage with your business or further promote it for you.

What we have here for you are good guidelines with fundamental basics, a check list and actions for you to take when building your email list and social network. By following these basics you will be on your way to fast tracking your reach and network growth.

Research and Plan of Attack

  • Invest in key Social Networks
  • Know your Audience and Demographic
  • Mailchimp your route to Email Marketing
  • Connect and Engage by joining Forums
  • Business Cards & your trusty Mobile Phone

Invest in key Social Networks

There are simply too many Social Networks out there to join, at last count I put it well over 250 and according to about tech there are 91 Leading Social Networks worldwide that you could consider joining but where do you start and where does it stop.

So which Social Networks do you invest your time in?

I like to present my clients with the 5 – 6 staples of social networks, being facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, youtube, instagram and pintrest (for those arty kind of businesses). What you need to do though is research which social networks are best suited for your business.

Once you have setup and established your profiles it’s time to promote, link and share your networks. When leaving your footprint online, ensure you take every opportunity to promote your networks. Signing up to forums, joining groups within social media and your website are a good place to start.

Know your Audience and Demographic

Know and research your target audience and demographic, we’ve all heard it a thousand times before that time is money, by investing time in research you will ensure that when it comes time to spend on social media marketing you’ll get the best return for your investment.

During this research it will open a lot of doors as well, you’ll learn about different forums out there to join, facebook groups, business networking meets and much more.

Mailchimp your route to Email Marketing

Mailchimp is by far my most recommended platform for email marketing, it is easy to use, integrates with most website platforms and it is free to use up to 2,000 contacts and 12,000 emails per month. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend you do!

Now make sure that you do integrate it with your website by having the option to opt in to your email list. Have simple newsletter signup forms or look into popup requests on site that invite your visitor to connect.

Connect and Engage by joining Forums

Forums are a great way to get in front of like minded people in your area of field and provide you with an opportunity to link to your website and social networks on your profile.

By engaging with multiple forums, answering questions and generally involving yourself within key online communities, your following will begin to grow and in turn if you stick to the 3 H’s (helpful, honest and humble), people will start to recommend and promote your business for you.

Business Cards & your trusty Mobile Phone

Surely I am not telling you anything new, you should always have your business cards at arms length, being able to hand off a business card in a moment of opportunity is professional and ensures you the best chance of your new contact getting back in touch with you.

What about that Email List though?

Mobile phones they are with us, in our pocket or purse, everywhere we go. So now that you are setup and across Mailchimp, install the app and have it ready to go. This way when you hand off your business card you can ask at the same time, if they would like to be added to your email list and right there and then you can punch them in and BAM! they are now a part of your following.


You have to setup a plan of action and stick to it, research saves you time and money and you need to bank on every opportunity to connect, either in person or online, it is essential in building your Email list and Social Network following.

Got questions, need some help or got something great to add. Leave us a comment below.

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