COVID19 Resources for Small Business

Calum Maxwell

COVID-19 Business Survival Kit

Following the worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the number of cases in Australia has been relatively small to date. However, medical advice is that the virus will continue to spread though the Australian community over the coming months.

Many small businesses have found themselves in difficult times and are already feeling economic impacts. It is anticipated this situation may become worse as the wider impacts of the virus are felt throughout the community.

Here’s few tips you can use to survive this crisis and emerge as a stronger business when it’s all over:

Download a Client Meeting Policy - feel free to amend and use in your business.

Support your Local Business

Finally, if you know a small business that is affected by what’s going on right now, here’s a few things you can do to help them out:

From your friends here at Optimise Online, our thoughts and our hearts are with you during this difficult time. With a bit of love and understanding, together we will make it through the other side.

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COVID-19 Resources

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