An Introduction to Employee Generated Content

Calum Maxwell

Ok, let's get serious for a second.

Employee generated content is brilliant, many hands make light work.

But please do not let your employees randomly post to your social media, this needs to be managed properly with oversight and approval from a designated team member.

If you are currently looking to improve your social media efforts or are about to get cracking into creating content for social, then this is a must read.

Planning and strategy are the keys to success when using employee generated content to grow and scale your business online.

Quality, valuable content is going to win interest and engagement.

Having a plan and strategy behind the content that you create will drive conversation and opportunity with your ideal customers.

This is how you win at social media.

With that said, let us get down to business.

It is a team effort.

Getting the team on board is a great idea. Together as a team you will come up with a wealth of ideas around what content you can create, I personally love a good whiteboard session, because it gets the creative juices going.

Here are a few things to focus on just to get you started:

People deal with people.

It is a social network, so let us get social.

After all people deal with people, showcasing the human element of your business is a must, it creates and builds trust.

So when your employees create content work together as a team to create the content, you will need to work into your day to day routine, capturing moments. At first it is a challenge but the more you do it, the easier it will get.

Canva is your friend.

Would you believe that the online software, which is going to make your life so much easier, was developed by a local Perth businesswoman and Canva’s currently valued at 6-billion dollars…

Pretty cool huh!? is a free and easy to use online graphic design software, with hundreds of thousands of templates to choose from, you can quickly create eye catching media for your social posts.

With the ability to upload photos you take, save your favourites, and set your brand colours and fonts.

Desired result.

Earlier I mentioned strategy is one of the keys of success.

It starts with understanding your audience and what drives them, after all you are creating content to win their attention and interest.

A content calendar is a must, it will help you align your objects and goals, and help define the content you are going to create.

At a basic level it is all about the desired result, are you wanting them to ask questions, visit your website, download an asset, share their story…

Analyse the data.

Data drive decisions, the more you post the more you will learn.

Facebook for instance has a brilliant data dashboard that provides metrics on your posts, engagement and more.

Knowing the best times to post and what content drives better engagement, for example, is going to help you create better content for your audience.

Just be careful, here is a quick lesson for you.

Driving real conversation is what it is all about, don’t get caught up on the likes and comments.

If you would like to know how you can leverage your engagement metrics to drive opportunity of business, drop me an email!

Last but not least, put someone in charge.

A team needs a leader, someone holds the team accountable, who reviews, plans, and schedules/approves the content.

Consistency in the content, both the voice and quality of what you produce, requires oversight and as the old saying goes… Too many chefs spoil the broth.

Who are you going to designate on your team?


Optimise Online is a content machine, so we know all too well that content matters, it is essential to business growth online.

Like anything in life, the level of success is measure by the planning and strategy you apply at the beginning. Further success and improvement come from understanding the data and evolving what you do from measured results.

Would you like to catch up with me to learn more about Facebook Ads?

Book a time with Calum.

Have something to add, we would love to hear it, comment below.

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