Guidelines to Structured Article Writing

Calum Maxwell

Guidelines for Writing a Great Article

I am often asked by clients who are looking to write and add content to their website about how they should structure the article and what guidelines they should follow. So this evening I sat down and put together a quick guideline to work through and help you when you’re writing your next article.

Naturally it is important that your information is relevant, up to date and in line with your business or industry but what about the layout, the design and how do you deliver the article in a way that catches and keeps the reader interested and on site?

Here are some Important Basics:

    • Keep it Simple Stupid
      The KISS rule is old but still relevant. Simple precise information delivers.


    • Original, well written content captivates.
      After writing your article walk away, come back read it again and improve it.


    • Tone of Words, just like a tone of voice your words deliver a tone to the reader.
      Are you writing in a professional, friendly or informative manner?


    • Keyword Density.
      The keyword game has changed, keep it to about 1 – 2% and break your keyword up, eg. business online, business ethics online.


    • Content Purpose.
      What is the purpose of the content or article?
      Who are you writing the article for? (customer, prospects, peers)
      What action are you looking to pull from the article? (clicking a link, contacting you, sharing)


    • Seeing is believing.
      Having images that compliments your content and further educates your reader is important, this will hold your readers attention for longer.


    • Bold Italics.
      Make your point by using bold and italics to present your key points throughout your article. This highlights the important part of your message and can help your reader understand the important information or message you are trying to get across.


    • Subheadings are a must.
      Subheadings break up your content and inform the reader of the key areas of your article, especially if they are skimming the article for information. Break it down, help your reader.


    • Avoid useless information.
      Again Keep it Simple Stupid, don’t detract from the main point of the article or topic. By providing information that is not important you will lose your readers attention and they will move on.


  • Lists are good.
    Everyone loves a good list… Including me! Dot point lists are a great way to further break down a topic. Not only do they draw the readers eye but they can answer a question directly or promise detailed explanations within the body of content. It also looks neat and organised.


How to Structure an Article

Listed below is how I like to structure my articles, when writing them. This of course is just a guideline for writing an article, although I must admit I have scoured the internet for the best layout designs and information about article writing.

So let me save you some work and see what you think of the layout below.

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Title of Article

Introduction to article subject (this should summarize your article)


Break down subject paragraph 1


Break down subject paragraph 2 (if required)


Break down subject paragraph 3 (if required)

Summary (conclusion, extra points)

Summary of the article topic and what each reader may take away from the information provided.

Engage the Reader (call to action)

Ask the reader questions, regarding the topic, article and engage them to leave feedback or share the article.

Article Resources

– Dot point Articles you referred to throughout the article
– Example
– Fundamentals of SEO (embedded link –
– Example

Author Bio

Include an image that Google will approve, it needs to clean, professional and focused.

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Well there you have it, you now know that I am writing my summary, so I won’t bother pointing out that this article is all about Structured Article Writing.

Now tell me the truth, has this helped you in any way. Have you got a better idea on how you can next attack your flavoured piece of magnificent context that promotes you, your business, products and services?

If so maybe you can help me, share, like or write below some feedback or even let us know what and how you find some techniques you use helpful.

I look forward to reading what you have to offer as I am always working on improving my article writing.

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