LupoLab Italian Restaurant

Lupolab Mt Hawthorn
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Restaurant Website Design

LupoLab is an Italian restaurant in Perth specialising in authentic Roman cuisine. The owner, Mirko Silvestri, came to us with a vision of a new website that would not only represent the restaurant’s unique branding but effectively convey the personalised, fine dining experience offered to every customer.

Mirko's Passion

The new site needed to share Mirko’s passion for Italian food and clearly articulate their unique selling proposition of sourcing fresh seasonal ingredients and handmaking fresh pasta in-house every day. Additionally, as LupoLab is in a highly competitive space we wanted to focus on a fast, responsive website with a sleek design geared with search engine optimisation.

Optimised for SEO

The website’s high-quality content is optimised for SEO to ensure effective performance in search engines but focuses on delighting the reader. This is achieved with stories of the owner’s heritage, his passion for Roman cuisine, and his journey to find the freshest ingredients to create sensational dishes for his customers.

The Importance of Design

With an eye-catching design that ties in with their branding, the clean, organised layout is easy to navigate and is designed to direct users’ attention to the food, the menu, and ultimately to book a table.

Design elements throughout the site mimic the geometric shape of the brand’s wolf logo. Lupo is the Italian word for wolf, which represents the owner’s Roman origins. Some design elements on the website were animated to add visual appeal and enhance user experience; the aim was to create a website design unique to Perth’s restaurant industry and get people talking!

The User Experience

Upon landing on the Homepage, users are greeted by an appetising image of a popular meal served at the restaurant, alongside easy access to view the menu, or to make a booking. Working down the page users are educated about the fresh, handmade pasta, local produce, the amazing city views, and more.

The About page educates users in further detail about “The LupoLab Story” and outlines the brand’s philosophy and values, with an additional section about the team. The Functions page provides users’ detailed information about the venue for private functions and celebrations.

An additional feature of the site are web pages displaying the restaurant’s various menus which is not a common feature of restaurant websites (typically, users’ only have the option to view/download a PDF). Our solution creates an immersive experience for users with the pages responsive for viewing on any device as well as having the option to download a PDF.

Each page features a newsletter sign-up, as well as contact information, and a form in the footer area to enable users to either become a VIP Guest or make an enquiry. The Contact page includes the restaurant’s contact information, opening hours, a button to make a booking, and the newsletter sign-up.

The booking system was integrated into the website using the Now Book It widget. This allows users to book a table at any available day and time. There are numerous opportunities throughout the site for bookings, including a button on the sticky navbar allowing users to book no matter where they are on the site.


To protect user privacy and data security, the website is appropriately secured with an industry-standard SSL certificate. This website lays the foundation for accompanying marketing and creates a solid base for ongoing SEO.

Thank You!

Thank you, Mirko, for choosing Optimise Online!

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