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Never BOOST a post again!

Seriously, you are just wasting your hard-earned money.

When you have created a great piece of content and it is getting good engagement, the next step is to put some advertising dollars behind it and present the post to a targeted audience.

But simply hitting the boost button on Facebook is the worst thing you can possibly do.

Facebook Ads Manager.

If you did not know already Facebook has an Ads Manager, with a lot more control, and option to set different parameters and goals for your advert or post.

Facebook Ads Manager may look tricky at a first glance. But with a little determination and learning effort, you will know your way around it in no time.

Through Ads Manager, you will be able to expand your content’s reach, while also capitalising on better targeting, more features, and higher contention for space via Facebook’s ad auction.

Taking the extra step to promote posts through Ads Manager can go a long way in terms of results, so I highly recommend you look into it.

Learning to use Ads Manager, hopefully you will never boost a post again.

Want to learn more about Facebook marketing and Facebook Ads Manager?

Setting an objective is a better way to go.

Here is the truth, if you boost a post-it amplifies the reach of your content to appear to a wider range of your target audience outside of people who already follow your page.

So, in other words, all you are doing is simply paying for as many eyeballs on your content.

Sounds Ok right? No!

Choosing is an objective is a far a better option, here let me explain.

If you choose traffic, Facebook will present your post to those that are more likely to visit your website and digest your content.

If you choose lead generation, Facebook will deliver your advert to those more likely to click on your advert and provide their details.

Are you starting to see why simply paying to be seen isn’t the best option?

This is why you should never boost a post again.

Campaign objectives.

Within Ads Manager you can choose from a handful of campaign objectives that match your advertising goals.

The options for boosting a post are very limited, which is why I do not recommend using it.

Here is a complete list of campaign objects that you can choose from, within Ads Manager:

Want to learn more about Facebook marketing and Facebook Ads Manager?

Ad placement.

By default, Facebook will have automatic placements selected which includes Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

When boosting a post, the options for placement are very limited.

Personally, I like to edit the placements, choosing specific areas of Facebook that work best for the ad or post, and removing those that do not fit with the campaign.



Audience Network



So, by now I have given you some very clear reasons as to why you should not use the boost post button and never boost a post again on Facebook.

Would you like to catch up with me to learn more about Facebook Ads?

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