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Word of mouth today still rates higher than any other form of advertising, when a person you know recommends a business or service to you, there is instant value and reassurance that the product or service being offered is indeed of good value, measure or quality.

Online Marketing is no different from Word of Mouth

In short it is the creation of social media profiles, forum profiles, blog pages, news articles and then the creation of thousands of links back to those profiles and pages. Online Marketing is Word of Mouth for the internet and this is what puts you and your business on the first page of Google.

Why Link Building is Important:

Building links back to your site is as important as building roads between towns and businesses, they are the trade routes to which improve traffic to your site and help get you found. Search engines value these links and the more of them there are to your site, the more value Search Engines put on your site.
There are many cheap backlinking services available on the internet but it is important to you and your website that these links are created correctly. This is because if it is not done right it can potentially cause more harm than good, not only wasting your money but costing you more to repair the damage.
Search engines and in particular Google view any form of link building to be blackhat seo and they won’t hesitate to penalize your site, which can throw your website back to page 20 or even remove it from their search engine all together.
At Optimise Online we know how to create links without being penalized for them, using our best practices and with years of experience we can ensure your site is far from harm.

Here are a few Important Factors for Creating Natural Backlinks:


  • creating a mix of do-follow and no-follow links
  • putting the links within phrases such as ‘read more’ or ‘more info’ rather than just keywords
  • having a range of keywords to run in each campaign, as focusing on just a few may flag your link building
  • linking to pages within your site other than just your main page
  • encouraging and growing social interaction through backlinks

Optimise Online have the experience and expertise to ensure the Internet Marketing done for your website helps to grow your business online.

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