Second most important Website Page

Calum Maxwell

Second Most Important Website Page

Web Design vs Content & your About Us page

When a designer is putting together your website it’s not all about how it looks but rather how the content is delivered to the visitor. Sure an aesthetically pleasing design, that presents and functions well will certainly impress but what, how and when content is place on site is very important.

Your About Us page is more important than you think.

The About Us page is considered to be one of your most important pages on site and we’d go as far to say it’s your second most important page on site. Trust plays a big part in purchasing online and last year more than 60% of purchases in Australia were made online. Further to that more than 80% of purchases, the decision to purchase was made online. Guess what… your About Us page is all about your business and what you have to offer, but I don’t need to tell you that. However I should tell you, that it’s a safe bet the person currently looking to purchase, your products or services, is going to read your About Us page.
The second most important page of your website, is most often overlooked and undervalued. Have you done this with your website?

Important things to consider when writing your About Us page.

Pretend for a moment I am a customer visiting your website and business.
  • Your business isn’t all about you, tell me about your products and services, and how do they benefit me?
  • What’s your business about and how is the product or service right for me?
  • Who are you and why should I trust you?
  • What should I do now, how do I get in touch, make it easy for me to contact and buy from you.
  A way to add and build trust is to put a face and name to your business, if people can see that you’re a real person, with a phone number and email to get in touch your conversion rate will be higher! So in summary… Your About Us page isn’t about you, it’s about presenting the benefits and value of your products and services to me. Keep it clean, clear and engaging, with call to actions and contact details for people to get in touch. Introduce yourself, put a face and name to your business and build trust! Got any ideas on great ways to improve an About Us page, have we missed anything? Drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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