Our Recommended List of SEO Agencies in Perth

Optimise Online offers a range of services including; Web Design & Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Online Marketing and more. 

So in the interest of you – we put together a recommend list of SEO service provides in Perth.

Why SEO and why this list?

Your business is important to us and we want to make sure you have the very best information.

One of the reasons Optimise Online exists today is because of business owners just like yourself, who have sought us out based on the trust we have built and the referrals from our existing customer base. 

Too often we hear stories of business owners being led astray, having spent thousands of dollars, with very little to show for it.

So by providing you a list of our competitors, only versed with an outside view and understanding of how well they work for their clientele, we wanted to put together an unbiased list of who we know to be some of the best in the industry – in Perth, WA.

Calum Maxwell – Managing Director of Optimise Online

ask the right questions


Level 1/1 Rokeby Road, Subiaco wa

Click here to learn more about Bonfire.

Bonfire is probably the longest standing Digital Agency in Perth. 

As they put it: “We’ve been dominating digital since 2 B.G. (That’s Before Google)Seriously, these guys were playing around with Yahoo and Ask Jeeves. 

With a range of services covering:

  • SEO
  • AdWords
  • Websites
  • Consulting
  • Social Media

Did you know?

Clay Cook (CEO of Bonfire) launched his first business, ineedhits.com, in 1996 – it became one of the world’s largest SEO businesses. 

Another heavy hitter in SEO is White Chalk Road, I am unsure when they began, but I believe that the company was setup roughly in the year 2000.

One of the reasons why I like White Chalk Road is they go beyond just providing the service by offering digital marketing courses. 

With a range of services covering:

  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • AdWords
  • Digital Marketing Courses

Did you know?

Charles Ryder (CEO of White Chalk Road) pioneered the use of direct database feeds of race results and horse form to the internet in Australia.

white chalk road

5/141 burswood road, burswood wa

Click here to learn more about White Chalk Road.


1/440 hay street, subiaco wa

Click here to learn more about Alyka.

The rising star starting out in 2009 with just 3 directors no boasts a team of 40+ members.

Alyka have really stood out for me due to their social media presence, they are communicative, sharing and showcase who they are well online.

With a range of services covering:

  • Websites
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile Apps

Did you know?

Zion Ong (director of Alyka) may have missed his calling as a musician, often punching out cute little musical parodies about digial marketing on social media.

Building websites in the mid 2000’s was a passion for me and my entrepreneurial drive to build my business didn’t kick in till 2012.

Conceived in 2013, my vision and driving factor to build Optimise Online has been to help small businesses – achieve better business online, with affordable services.

With a range of services covering:

  • Website Design & Development
  • SEO & Copywriting
  • AdWords
  • Content & Brand Strategy
  • Brand & Graphic Design (and Printing)
  • Social Media Services
  • Media Design – Photography & Video
  • Integrated Online Software
  • Online Communications – VoIP Phone Systems
Now I am sure the other companies listed here provide some, if not all, of the services listed above – but hey this is my write up so of course I am going to showcase everything we do! 😁

Did you know?

Calum found his passion for helping small businesses when he worked out in the Goldfields, helping them improve and streamline their communications.

optimise online

u2/2 oswald street, victoria park wa

Click here to learn more about Optimise Online

doyle digital

heathridge - by appt

Click here to learn more about Doyle Digital.

Andrew Doyle has coined himself as the Agency Conquering Freelancer.

Having worked in the industry for some time, at various digital firms, Andrew has gone the route of freelancer.

With a range of services covering:

  • SEO
  • AdWords

Not that much is known about Andrew Doyle (Owner & Operator of Doyle Digital)… 

What I can say is having met with him a couple of times he is a great guy and a true character. Our discussions are always valued.

Choosing the right agency

So what now, how do you choose?

Finding the right marketing agency for you takes time but it is time well worth invested.

Research and explore which agencies present well online, by reviewing their website and social media, during this process identify which SEO Agency stands out and write down why.

When you have your list, set up a ‘meet and greet’ with two or three firms that you identify with. Introduce yourself prior and let them know your intentions (that you are exploring which agency might be best for you and your business).

During the meeting keep it casual and come prepped with questions important in working towards your first six to twelve months of business goals.

From this process, you should have a better understanding of direction and an idea on which agency best suits your needs.

Good luck and I hope this helps!

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