Maintenance Options

Basic - $89 per month

Hungry - $129 per month

Heavy - $159 per month

Terms & Conditions

Protection against Hacking: If a hacker does manager to break through all measures in place, there is no cost to you or your business for Optimise Online to repair and restore your website.

Website Tech and Remote IT Support: The hour(s) provided each month can not be banked up for design work. This time is allocated to general adds, moves, updates and changes to your website. 

Hourly Rate & Charges: This is charged in 15 minute increments. If any charges do occur or are required, you the client will be advised prior to the work commencing. Once the work is completed and approved, invoicing and charges apply.

Automatic Payments: Please be aware that in completing the payment for you are setting up automatic payments. This ensures our service remains at the  highest level, saves you time in accounting and provides consistency in providing managed services.

Optimise Online reserves the right to change, modify or cancel the services above. However, you the client, will be advised prior to any of these changes being made.

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