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Have you heard of Facebook Pixel and do you know what it is?

Facebook is an amazing tool that you can use to grow your business online, it allows you to engage, educate and connect to potential new customers.

But it is important to capture data, review, measure, and track results.

Analytics tool.

Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your adverts by understanding the actions that visitors take on your website.

It helps you with insight so you can optimise your content, retarget people that have been to your website and track conversions from your ads. ​​

Create and install.

Once you have created a Facebook Ads account, you will be able to create a Pixel for that account.

When you have created the Pixel there is code that you will need to install into your website.

Building audiences.

On Facebook, you can build and target new audiences.

With Facebook Pixel you can retarget engaged audiences and those that have been to your website.

You do of course need to create great content to promote first before you start with Facebook Ads.

Retarget and convert.

By tracking visitors to your website and the actions they take, you can retarget them with strategic content, to further educate or promote your products and services.

Here is a small tip never boost a post, always use Facebook Ads Manager, and choose a campaign objective.


It is recommended before you start using Facebook advertising, that you install Pixel into your website and if you have not already, you should now!

If you do need help installing Pixel into your website, get in touch with Calum and the team at Optimise Online.

Would you like to catch up with me to learn more about Facebook Ads?

Book a time with Calum.

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