Copywriting frameworks that speak to your customer.

copywriting forumals that help you convert customers
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Introduction to Frameworks.

Whether you’re a copywriter or a business owner, writing copy can be tricky. The best way to get your head around what you need to write is by using a structure. And what better structure to follow than tried and true marketing techniques that speak directly to your ideal customer!

In this article we cover three of the main frameworks used for websites, email campaigns and social media. These are AIDA, PAS and the Red Brain Sandwhich.

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    AIDA - Attention Interest Desire Action.

    The AIDA model can be seen as an upside-down triangle that tracks the steps a consumer takes during the purchase process.


    First things first you need to catch their attention. An effective way to do this is to ask a question your audience will relate to.

    For example, if you’re writing about an electrical company, you may grab their attention by asking – “Are you looking for a highly capable electrician for work around your home?”. This works by speaking directly to the person you are wanting to sell to.


    Now you have their attention you need to hold onto it. This is done by gaining their interest in what you have to offer them. This could mean sharing facts, quotes, or ways they can use the product /service.

    For example, going back to our electrical company you could say – “Our team of qualified electricians use the highest quality materials and can cater to all your electrical requirements”. Ideally, your audience will be thinking “Wow that’s the kind of people I need!”


    So how can the amazing product/service change your consumer’s life? That’s what the desire section is about. It’s an opportunity to paint a picture of how the product/service will make their life so much easier.

    An example of this is saying – “You can relax with confidence your home will be well looked after by our trusted and friendly team.”


    The end of the framework is positioned to make your audience take the desired action. This may be to sign up for a newsletter, make a booking, or purchase a product or service.

    To get this message across you need to tell your audience exactly what to do next. This could be something like “no-obligation free quote,” “call us,” or “request quote.”

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    PAS - Problem Agitate Solution.

    The PAS model works to convince your audience that their problem can be solved with your product or service. This framework is useful for a range of marketing purposes.


    To write this section well you need to know exactly what your audience is feeling and the problem they’re facing. It’s almost like you’re writing down the exact thoughts they have and tapping into their psyche.

    Example: “Good tradesman are hard to find, and it can be a challenge finding the right electrician for your home.”


    You have opened your audiences wound. Now, it may not sound nice, but this step involves rubbing a little salt in it. Paint the picture that although this problem is causing them issues there is a way out…

    Example: “You have to navigate the timewasters that don’t show up and avoid the overpriced unfair quotes, or even worse be hit with a hefty bill that wasn’t discussed.”


    No surprises here, the way out is your product or service! Highlight exactly how it solves the audience’s problem and how they can access the product or service right away.

    Example: “With XYZ Electrical we remove these hassles by always being on time  and providing detailed fixed quotes! Contact us today on 1234 5678.”

    Red Brain Sandwich.

    It may not sound very appetising, but the Red Brain Brain Sandwich can be a highly effective copywriting framework. It works by breaking down how humans typically make decisions by addressing emotion and logic. Let’s take a closer look.


    It starts with the emotional current state (green brain), then applied logic (red brain), followed by the emotional result of applying the logic (green brain). Green, Red, Green – hence the name Red Brain Sandwhich.

    Green Brain - Current State

    Starting with the current state of emotion connects us to the reader because we are addressing how they are feeling. Addressing a current state of emotion can be very powerful in gaining a readers attention.

    An exmaple of  what this could look like is “Are you sick of electricians not showing up on time, or simply quoting way to much for a simple job?”

    Red Brain - Logic

    The next step of the human decision-making process usually involves logic which addresses the current emotional state presented in the first sentence.

    An example of this would be “Well we turn up on time and provide a fixed quote.”

    Green Brain - Emotional Result

    Lastly, how will this product or service enhance the customers current state? How does it benefit the customer?

    Now you finish with the emotional result of applying the logic, in this case calling our helpful electrician. An exmaple of this is “Choosing us will ensure you have minimal time away from work, and you can rest knowing exactly how much the job will cost.”

    Give it a go!

    Next time you hit a bit of a roadblock with your copywriting, or if you want a bit more structure behind your words, try these frameworks. Not only can it help to connect with your target audience more, but it can make copywriting a lot easier!

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