What I learnt at Optimise Online

jodie box and what she learnt at optimise online
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What I now know.

After almost a year at Optimise Online, it’s come time for me to not only leave the agency but also the state! As sad as I am to leave, it’s time to head back home to Victoria.

Over these past 12 months, I have become a part of the Optimise Online family. The team has helped me grow into (I’d like to think) a better communications professional! Here is what I have learned over the past year at OO.

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    Key Take Away.

    Consistency is more than the key, it is the DOOR!

    That is how important it is! When you’re working with many clients over multiple programs and campaigns one thing is always blindingly obvious.

    A lack of consistency. From day one my mentor, and OO’s project manager – Nathan, instilled in me the importance of being consistent with everything you do.

    From saving a file using the same name format, to ensuring the capitalisation of a heading is the same across an entire website and even getting rid of any spaces at the end of a sentence.

    At the time I thought, “Surely this doesn’t make that much of a difference?” Well, wasn’t I wrong! It may have been a bit tedious at the start, but after time I was subconsciously doing all these little things that had a massive effect on the professionalism of my work.

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    Key challenge.

    Writers block one of my biggest challenges.

    When your main role is writing copy, especially for clients that offer similar services, you can often run headfirst into a wall of writer’s block.

    Bang! Suddenly, the ideas fall straight out of your head. I don’t know where they go. Cottesloe for a swim maybe? But it’s often a fair while until they decide to come back!

    Finding ways to overcome this lack of ideas was my biggest challenge during my time at Optimise Online. Often the best cure was setting the task aside and working on something totally different to what I was writing about.

    It was also helpful to revert to the tried and tested copywriting frameworks and structures that have been around forever. The Red Brain Sandwich technique always got the writing juices flowing again for me.

    What I will miss.

    Getting to know our clients and helping them grow.

    One of the favourite parts of my time at OO was taking part in client meetings. The point of these meetings is to understand exactly what the client wants from their brand-new website.

    Technically speaking these meetings give us the information we need to write, design, and build a website. But if you’ve ever had a meeting with our team here at OO you’re probably aware it’s a lot more than that.

    Before I took part in my first client meeting, I was often working away when I’d hear uproarious laughter from the meeting room. “What is going on in there! I thought they were in a meeting…” Well, they were but aside from all the technical business, they were taking the time to get to know our new client inside and out, sharing a laugh, and forming relationships.

    Getting to know our clients became my favourite part of my time at Optimise Online. Not only did it make it a lot easier to write their copy, but it created a fun dynamic that made clients feel more like pals.

    It's not goodbye.

    I know I'll keep seeing Optimise Online pop up.

    As my time at Optimise Online draws to a close it’s been great to reflect on how I have grown over the year.

    Without the supportive and knowledgeable team, it would not have been possible. A huge thank you to the team for allowing me the opportunity to work alongside you legends.

    I know I will keep seeing Optimise Online popping up in the digital marketing space with beautiful websites and amazing campaigns. See you all later!

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