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Do you know what your ideal customer looks like? We work with you to define your ideal customer and develop a profile that gives you an understanding of their values, needs, attitudes, motivators, and, most importantly, their pain points.

A better understanding of your customers not only gives you insight about where they are in their customer journey, it helps to move them further along the sales funnel. As part of your brand strategy, we tailor your branding and messaging to capture the attention of the right people, nurturing them toward becoming repeat customers and loyal advocates of your brand.

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The Optimise Online way

When you partner with Optimise Online, we work with you to unpack your business, defining who you are and what differentiates you from your competition.

We also work to understand the problems you are trying to solve for your customers, which assists us to tailor designs and branding that resonate best with your audience.

By working closely with you, we get to understand your business and your audience. This helps us identify your tone of voice and develop visuals and messaging that captures your brand identity. We craft your brand story through compelling designs that reflect your values and the way you want your brand positioning in the market.

Brand assets

Brand identity

What does your brand look like? Your brand identity influences how people feel about your brand and how they interact with your business. Our graphic designers are brand identity experts, who help break down the elements of your brand to visually portray who you are and what your brand is about.

We develop a design system with typography, colours, and imagery that help your brand stand out and be recognised. We can also help you with a style guide that documents the essential components of your brand design, which you can use to ensure consistency across all your marketing efforts and corporate materials.

Logo design

Your logo is the face of your brand. It forms the foundation of your brand identity and makes your brand easily recognisable, differentiating you from your competition in a crowded marketplace. An effective logo grabs people’s attention and spreads your brand’s message organically, raising awareness wherever it appears.

Logos help people connect with the brands they admire. Loyal advocates of famous brands proudly display company logos on everything from laptops, to vehicles, to clothing items. A custom-designed, on-point logo from our award-winning in-house graphic design team will capture your brand identity, making your brand more recognisable and helping to increase your brand awareness.

Branded materials

Brand experience

Your brand is more than just your logo, brand name, or your brand design. It is an extension of your business’ personality and should evoke desired feelings at different stages of your customers’ journey. As a brand, you want to create positive customer experiences so people keep coming back, and so they will tell other people about you.

Our graphic designers and copywriters create logos, designs, and copy that reflect the experience you wish to convey to your customers. We consider your brand’s personality and translate that to capture its essence. We also ensure uniformity across all your digital assets and marketing materials to create a consistent experience for your customers at every touch point.

Social media marketing that stands out

Brand differentiation

Have you ever thought about your brand’s unique selling proposition (USP)? Your USP differentiates you from your competition and needs to be communicated to your audience. You may offer superior products or services but if no one knows it, you lose your competitive edge. Price alone is not a factor that will help you survive in the marketplace.

Brand differentiation helps you paint the benefits of your brand and the reasons why you are better than your competitors, or simply why a customer would choose you over your competition. We unpack your business to understand who you are, what your brand is about, and what makes you different.

Brand strategy that resonates with your audience.

Your brand strategy helps you understand the best avenues for creating meaningful connections with your customers, whether that be through an engaging website, social media, or internet marketing/retargeting. Strategic branding will not only help to connect you with your ideal customers, it will also enable us to measure the effectiveness of your efforts against your goals.

With our targeted approach to brand strategy, we help you create a consistent look and feel for your brand. You will see your brand reaching the right people and delivering the results you need for your business to succeed and grow.

Identify your purpose

What is it that makes you get up for work each day? A clear understanding of your purpose helps to define your why and assists us in differentiating your brand from your competition. We work with you to understand your purpose and brand positioning to stand out in the market.

Define your ideal customer

As part of your branding strategy, we help you define your ideal customer and identify the best way to connect with those people for the biggest impact. We paint a picture of the people who will admire your brand the most and who are likely to become your loyal fans and advocates.

Know your competition

On the battlefield, knowing your opponent can mean the difference between triumphant victory and devastating loss. Knowing how your competition interacts with their customers gives us an understanding of brand strategies that work and those that do not. This helps us to tailor your brand strategy for the greatest chance of success.

Craft your message

People love stories. Your story creates meaningful connections with your audience, evoking emotion and building a sense of loyalty for your brand. The right story can create an unforgettable experience for your audience. We craft the right message tailored to your audience, with on-point visuals and high-quality copy that captures your brand identity.

Implement your strategy

We’ve locked-in your brand strategy, including your logo, your brand design, and your ideal customer. We also understand your customer experience and USP. What now? We work closely with you to develop a strategic branding implementation plan that is realistic, achievable, and will set you on the road to success.

Grow your business with a compelling brand strategy.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a brand strategy?

These days, your brand won’t survive without a strong brand strategy. It gives you something to work toward, with goals and objectives you wish to achieve for your brand. But it’s not just about having a brand strategy; it’s about having a clearly defined strategy in line with your business objectives, that defines your brand, your brand experience, and your ideal customer.

With all the noise from other brands in the marketplace, you need to make your brand stand out so you can be seen and heard. The right brand and marketing strategy will help you understand your brand story inside and out, with a clear view of what you need to achieve your vision. Our branding strategy experts know the best ways to market to the right people, at the right time, for the right reasons. With us as your partner, your brand’s reach will grow, and your customers will become loyal brand advocates.

What brand strategy questions should I be asking?

There are some key questions we ask you when developing your brand strategy. Consideration of these factors helps us figure out your unique selling points and find the best plan of attack for your brand.


  • Why does your brand exist?
    Knowing who you are and why you do what you do helps to identify your strengths and address the pain points of your customers.

  • Who is the audience?
    Knowing your audience and understanding their motivations will help you focus your marketing to address their needs and pain points.

  • How do you talk to your audience?
    Understanding your customers will help you develop a strong message and tone of voice that resonates with your audience.

  • How do I get the most effective ROI?
    Knowing how your customers interact with your brand will help you identify the best marketing avenues to invest your time and finances.

  • What is your brand storey?
    People love stories. An authentic, relatable story will have far greater impact than simply presenting the virtues of your products or services.

What is the best and worst-case scenario when it comes to brand strategy?

Best-case scenario:
You have a clear vision with a well-defined brand strategy and implementation plan. You offer your customers the experience they are looking for and they get exactly what you promise. Your customers become loyal brand advocates and your brand awareness spreads organically because people love to share positive experiences about brands they interact with.


Worst-case scenario:
You have a poorly defined brand strategy with unclear goals and objectives. Worse still, you could have no branding development at all. You lack any understanding of your ideal customers and don’t know the right way to communicate with the market to raise awareness about your brand. Ultimately, you find it difficult to get customers.

Why do some brands fail in their brand strategy?

Many brands have great ideas. But if they don’t know how to relate to their customers and communicate those ideas, they will find it difficult to survive in a competitive marketplace. Often, brands make mistakes with their brand strategy, which leads to poor performance in their marketing strategy, or, worse still, complete failure.

  • The brand’s product-to-market fit was outdated or ineffective.
  • The brand confused their audience with inconsistent creative.
  • The brand’s identity and message were never solidified.
  • The brand did not understand their ideal customer.
  • The brand had no long-term vision.

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