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Meet WestOz Water Filters

WestOz Water Filters is a West Australian water filtration company passionate and dedicated to helping everyone obtain fresh, clean water straight from the tap. With a combined 80+ years’ experience in health and homes, husband and wife team, Rob and Mavis, understand the ins and outs of water filtration systems and the substantial benefits for family, home, and environmental health.

Navigating Challenges

In 2022, Rob and Mavis met Calum through a mutual networking group and admired the passion he had for sharing education about the marketing industry. After several catch ups with Calum, Rob and Mavis recognised that Optimise Online would be a valuable partner in assisting with the growth of their business – WestOz Water Filters.

In the beginning when Rob and Mavis purchased the WestOz company, a website came with it, however it was less than ideal. They decided to engage an agency to re-do their website and utilise additional marketing services to help their new site show in search engine result pages (SERP’s). It helped, marginally.

“We know we have a high-quality product and that it is priced well. Conversion from our online shop was poor – maybe 5%. Face-to-face conversion was about 20%. Whilst we were ‘doing ok’, we knew with the right team we could do better.” – Mavis.

Our Strategic Solutions - How Optimise Online Helped

When WestOz came on board with Optimise Online, we began with a three-month strategy and developed a plan to improve the SEO elements within their current website built by their previous agency. Mavis received some helpful guidance from our team in the art of writing SEO blogs to help their site show in SERPs. Within a 9-month period, SEO results started shining through with the combination of the work our team and Mavis’s blogs had been doing.

Rob and Mavis decided they’d like our team to design and develop a brand-new website to reflect the successful progress made over the last 9 months and allow them to showcase a site they were truly proud of. “It was exciting to be creating what we really believed to reflect the essence of our business” said Mavis.

The new site is WooCommerce, built on WordPress, and additionally, showcases a new logo and fresh branding carried out by the OO team. The new site discusses WestOz’ Mission, Core Values, Vision, and perfectly reflects the clean, fresh feel in which their products produce.

Powerful Percentages

When we look at data from Feb 2023 – 2024,
WestOz Water Filters

has seen an increase in:

  • Website revenue increase by 33.1%
  • New users increase by 139%
  • Google ads clicks increase by 1.82k


Mentions from Mavis include:

We are receiving quality leads nearly every day of the week. Our conversions are becoming easier and more fun, progressing from 25% conversion to 80% conversion at field days & shows: from 25% to 50% with marketing leads. Orders via our online shop are gradually increasing. They were non-existent six months ago. Our sales in November 2023 were an all-time high.”

“Calum gently introduced us to the world of IT, marketing, CRM etc – all foreign to our knowledge, yet familiar to us. Knowing we had come across a genuine company to help us get our business to the next level; knowing there is a team of excited people to assist us to get there. So looking forward to this journey!” –Rob and Mavis Carruthers

Proud Partnership

Put simply, we LOVE our partnership with WestOz Water Filters. The collaboration between Rob and Mavis, and our team is always enjoyable and insightful as knowledge is shared and passions collide.

Rob and Mavis have shared that they recognise and appreciate our team continually works with their best interests at the forefront of everything we do. The results which WestOz’ have received has enabled them to employ their daughter part-time to relieve in admin duties and additionally, allow Rob and Mavis to take some well-earned time off.

We look forward to having a holiday in May – our first in two years! Optimise Online has been an integral part of that reward we are giving ourselves.”

Thank you Rob and Mavis! We look forward to our continued collaboration and proud partnership together.

Services for WestOz Water Filters include:

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